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Head Coach / Owner

Ben is very passionate about health and fitness both in his own training as well as coaching others to move well and get the most from their training. He loves working with everyone from beginners to see them achieve new skills as well as with seasoned athletes to see them compete at their best.


As well has his CrossFit Level 2 Trainer certificate Ben also has a B.Sc in Sport and Exercise Science and has been working as a coach for over 15 years.


Ben found CrossFit in 2013 when looking to make a change to his training regime and was inspired by the athletes at the 2013 CrossFit Games. Since then he has completed in several CrossFit Opens, local competitions a 1/2 Ironman, olympic and sprint distance triathlons.


Head Coach / Owner

Susie has been coaching in the fitness industry for 7 years and has a wealth of knowledge that has helped both herself and others achieve great results. New starters to CrossFit are drawn to her ability to lead and improve their movement whilst having fun. 


Susie has her CrossFit Level 2 Trainer certificate and is also an experienced Pole Fitness & Exercise to Music Instructor, both of which have led her to emphasise quality of technique and the importance of mobility. 


Since starting on her own fitness journey Susie has worked with numerous pre and post natal mums, a journey which Susie loves being a part of.


She has continued to push her own limits by testing her fitness in a half marathon tough mudder and many local CrossFit competitions.

CrossFit Manchester
CrossFit Manchester
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