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Hey CrossFitter, we've missed you

Hi CrossFitter,

We’ve missed you…

The alarm goes off at 5:15 and we wake up from this bad dream.

Sleepy eyed and bed headed you stand in line outside the box at 05:50 for the 6am class.

The doors open and you chat to friends about how strange this whole thing has been, you’re nervous & excited about the first WoD back.

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes, getting everything ready for your return, we’re excited to see you back and see the look on your faces as you come inside and disinfect your hands.

You’re given a lane, all your equipment is laid out ready, there is cleaning solution at each station and a barbell ready to go! Oh how you've missed the barbell.

There are only 6 of you in the class, but it’s great to have you back, the anticipation rises.

We warm up and get ready.

"10 SECONDS" Beep, Beep, BEEP.

The Crash of the barbells hitting the floor is like a crescendo that has you in goosebumps.

While there are some changes to get used to, we also expect to walk right back in where we left off.

Your community will be here to support you, share your success and celebrations. Wish you happy birthday, cry at your gym engagement, get dressed up for your wedding, and shower you with loads of nappies when those babies arrive. And we are expecting them to arrive — about December :P

We will cheer when you PR, we’ll be talking nonstop about CrossFit instead of a virus. The Games will go on and so will the Open, you’ll see JJ and Stuart in fancy dress, and likely see more of George than you anticipated. Your gym will once again be your second home. You’ll be glad to get out of your house and smell the rubber flooring again.

We’ll be here for the less good times, too. Your place drop a bar with gusto because it was a bad night or a bad morning or just because. A place to safely vent anger, frustration, fear. To cry together when we lose a love, or a parent, or have just had a crap day.

We can’t wait to tell you to find your heels, squat lower, tighten your belly, or quit resting and keep moving. Our days are spent nit-picking and cheering, all with the intent to make you move better, be stronger, and able to go play harder.

CrossFit gyms have a way of chipping off the armour. Leaving us real, and raw. We get to know each other in ways that are intimate and personal and because of it we share more inside the gym that we ever would anywhere else in public.

We become family.

We will walk back through the doors like we haven’t skipped a beat.

We promise everything will again be OK.

The hill will still be steep.

We will still be sore.

And we will lie in puddles of sweat, happy, triumphant, and yell “TIME!”

Hey, CrossFitter, we’ve missed you. Welcome home.


Ben & Susie

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